• TCC Tianjin
    Add:No. Jingjin Road, Beichen Disrict, Tianjin
    Postcode: 300400 
    Tel:  86-22-23408646   23408868
    Fax:  86-22-86810039   23408645
    Website: www.china-tcc.com  
    E-mail : webmaster@china-tcc.com
    TCC is based in Tianjin, China, where is the largest project operation center of the Corporation. Tianjin headquarters now has more than 1600 employees, of whom technicians cover over 50 disciplines in project management, engineering, procurement, construction, driving, etc. It’s also the commercial, financial, IT and administration center of TCC. Additionally, TCC has its own office building--Tianchen Building, a 5A office building of 45 floors.
  • TCC Beijing
    Add: Floor 21, Century Xingyuan Mansion, No. 20, Anyuan Road, Chaoyang Distrct, Beijing
    Postcde : 100029 
    Tel : 86-10-52613939   52613806
    Fax : 86-10-84897621   84897500
    Website : www.china-tcc.com 
    E-mail : webmaster@china-tcc.com
    The China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch was established in November 2010 and currently has 95 staff and workers. Among these are 8 engineering professors, 25 senior engineers and 34 engineers in 12 special areas, including technology, thermal engineering, pipeline, equipment (including rotating equipment), instruments, electrics, structure, environment, HVAC, general layout, building and fire control. The Beijing Branch’s focus is on the contracting of domestic and overseas projects in petroleum, natural gas, power, resource development and other fields. In recent years, major projects which have been completed and are in operation include oil refining in Pakistan, oil refining in Russia, natural gas processing unit in Bengal, underground natural gas storage in Turkey, coke oven gas to LNG conversion in Wuhai, coke oven gas to LNG conversion in Guizhou and Guangxi, combined cycle power station in Pakistan, combined cycle power station in Turkey, nickel mine in Turkey, and other projects.
  • TCC Heilongjiang
    Add: No. 524 Xinyang Road, Daoli District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang
    Postcode : 150076
    Tel : 86-0451-83193511  83193509
    Fax : 86- 0451-84605824
    Website : www.china-tcc.com
    E-mail : webmaster@china-tcc.com
    The Heilongjiang Branch was formerly known has the Heilongjiang Province Chemical Design & Planning Institute. It was founded in 1963, and merged into TCC in February 1999, upon which it became the TCC Heilongjiang Branch. In accordance with TCC’s requirements on development strategy and planning deployment, and combined with its local resources, the Heilongjiang Branch’s major development orientation is in fields such as construction materials, textiles, pesticides, captive power plants, commercial grains, biological energy sources, air separation solutions, and calcium carbide . Aiming at domestic and overseas markets, and using its local resources, it vigorously develops the services of its business segment, all the while giving consideration to the expansion of non-traditional fields as well.
  • TCC Shanghai
    Add: Floor 18, Building 56, No. 461 Hongcao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 
    Postcode: 200233
    Tel: 021-64953655    64951651
    Fax: 021-64951609 
    Website: www.china-tcc.com 
    E-mail: webmaster@china-tcc.com
    The Shanghai Branch is a project management company which focuses on areas such as municipal administration, environmental protection, infrastructure, building and other fields, as well as its (PMC, EPCM, PC+M, IPMT) implementation business. With a perfect management system, an excellent management team, advanced operation concepts, and by relying on the strong technical support of TCC head office, and the design power of the company’s R&D Center, it makes tremendous efforts. It forges ahead, dealing with engineering construction and engineering management fields in an innovative way.
  • Tianjin Tianyin Copy Co., Ltd.
    Tianjin Tianyin Copy Co., Ltd.
    Add: :No.1 Jingjin Road, Beichen Disrict, Tianjin
    Postcode: 300400
    Tel: 86-22-23406005 18622208181 13803022008
    Fax: 86-22-23406005
    E-mail: tianyin0137@163.com
  • Tianjin Tianchen Green Energy Resources Engineering Technology And Development Co.Ltd
    Tianjin Tianchen Green Energy Resources Engineering Technology And Development Co.Ltd
    Tel:86-22-23408686  23408688
    Add:No.2 Jingtong Road,Development District Tianjin Beichen District Park
    Postcode: 300409
    E-mail: wangzw@cntcc.cn
    Website: http://www.greenrd.cn/

  • Tianjin Chenchuang Environment Engineering Science & Technology Co., Ltd
    Add::No.1 Jingjin Road, Beichen Disrict, Tianjin
    Postcode: 300400
    Tel:  86-22-23406601   
    Fax: 86-22-23406634
    E-mail: Cceec@cntcc.cn

  • TCC Singapore Branch
    TCC Singapore Branch
    Add:one raffles quay, north tower
    Tel: +65 6622 5320

  • TCC Georgia Branch
    TCC Georgia Branch
    Add: Mtskheta street, 8, TBILISI
    Tel:  +995558204097  0086 18622208082
    E-mail: aa-zsh@cntcc.cn

  • TCC Australia Office
    TCC Australia Office
    Add:Suite 16, Level 26, 44 Market St, Sydney (2000)
    Tel: 61-02-90898687



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